Recent Photos From The Field

    • Michaela in Costa Rica (image)

      Michaela in Costa Rica

      Large Image

      Intern Michaela practicing for worship in Costa Rica.

    • Interns in Costa Rica (image)

      Interns in Costa Rica

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      Interns Sarah and Michaela go out to dinner in Costa Rica during their field placement.

    • Pastor Steve and Alexis (image)

      Pastor Steve and Alexis

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      Pastor Steve Venable having fun with one of our PFK boys.

    • La Angostura (image)

      La Angostura

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      La Capilla La Angostura facility... you can see part of the new classroom building on the right.

    • New Cistern (image)

      New Cistern

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      The newly completed cistern at La Capilla La Angostura.

    • Potter's Kids Saturday Club (image)

      Potter's Kids Saturday Club

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      A few of the many excited kids taking part in the Potter's Kids Saturday Club.

    • Time of Teaching (image)

      Time of Teaching

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      Class time during the Potter's Kids Saturday Club.

    • Award Celebration (image)

      Award Celebration

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      One of our PFK kids receiving an award during the Saturday Club award celebration.

    • New Shirt (image)

      New Shirt

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      One of our PFK kids trying on their new t-shirt, received during the award celebration.

    • Worship (image)


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      PFK kids enjoying a time of worship during the Saturday Club!

    • Meal Time (image)

      Meal Time

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      After the award celebration everyone was blessed to partake of a meal together.

    • Award Recipients (image)

      Award Recipients

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      Our first Potter's Kids Saturday Club award winners, proudly wearing their t-shirts

    • Filipino Classroom (image)

      Filipino Classroom

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      Photo of the classroom where we hold our PFK literacy program in Amlan, Philippines.

    • Making An Impact In Amlan (image)

      Making An Impact In Amlan

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      These kids are being ministered to greatly through the Potter's Field literacy programs in Amlan, Philippines.

    • Standing In Worship (image)

      Standing In Worship

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      The kids in the literacy program also spend time worshiping the Lord together.

    • Learning To Read (image)

      Learning To Read

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      An opportunity to show how much has been learned by reading during class.

    • Class Time In Amlan (image)

      Class Time In Amlan

      Large Image

      PFK literacy program kids taking part in class time.

    • This Is Why We Do It (image)

      This Is Why We Do It

      Large Image

      One of the beautiful PFK kids in Amlan, Philippines!

    • More PFK Kids (image)

      More PFK Kids

      Large Image

      A few of our many PFK kids in Amlan, Philippines.

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