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    In 2005, an opportunity arose in El Salvador near its capital city, on seven acres in San Martin, to open an orphanage. We were originally entrusted with 10 street boys and it has grown to as high as 21 wonderful young men. Since that time, we have seen the Lord add after school and literacy programs not only to the El Salvador location, but around the world.

    Our partnership in El Salvador began with Pastor Carlos Bautista of Calvary Chapel San Salvador (known as “Central Church”), who now provides oversight of the additional Salvadorian locations into which we have expanded (listed below). Calvary Chapel San Salvador was our first church with whom we co-labored when PFK was initiated in 2007. The introduction to Pastor Carlos was through Pastor Dave Eason of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

    Calvary Chapel San Martin, which is overseen by Pastor Alejandro Campos and his wife, Claudia, is the physical location of the Orphanage.  Located in San Martin, El Salvador, Potter’s Field Orphanage started with providing ten precious boys a home. Since then, the Orphanage has expanded to house up to 21 boys and continues to look to minister to more. These little ones are provided a Christ-centered home, fostering an environment where they can safely grow into the men that God has called them to be. With loving house parents, each boy receives the time and attention necessary for healthy spiritual and physical development.  In addition to providing them a nurturing home, the boys also receive a solid Christian education at Colegio de la Iglesia Evangelica del Dios de Israel in San Salvador, and attend church weekly.  Through the support of its sponsors, PFM has been able to construct the orphanage and bungalows that house visiting teams from partnering churches that come to visit the children at this location as well as all the others in El Salvador.

    Calvary Chapel La Angostura is overseen by Pastor Manuel & Lydia Lievano.  The PFK afterschool program in La Angostura was started in 2010.  Our very first Tilapia farm project has begun La Angostura as well.  It is anticipated that with the development of this industry, the locals will be able to drastically improve their living conditions.  This is the literal example of teaching a man how to raise fish rather than giving him a fish.

    Calvary Chapel of Apopa is overseen by Pastor Carlos and Soleivi de Barrera.  This is our newest PFK location in El Salvador.  It’s launch date is March 2012.

    Violeta  Acosta and her husband, Anibal, and son, Eduardo. Violeta oversees all of the Potter's Field Kids programs in El Salvador.  PFM is also blessed to have a native El Salvadorian on staff.  Violeta Acosta oversees all of the PFK programs in El Salvador, assists and facilitates short term mission trips to El Salvador, and is the liason with the local pastors and the IGNITE interns that serve for three to six months in that location. 

    Trevor and Erika Bartow assist Violeta in her role as overseer of the PFK programs in El Salvador. Trevor was a graduate of PFM's IGNITE Mission Training School in 2010 and now serves full time in El Salvador.


    Randy, Karen, Noah, and Ben Gilbert
    (Calvary Chapel of Delaware County)


    Danielle McDonald from Calvary Chapel Delaware County, Scott Norwood from Calvary Chapel Merritt Island and Jacob Hawk from Calvary Chapel St. Pete. 

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