When you give to the sponsorship of Potter’s Field Ministries, you are maximizing your investment as it covers multiple areas.  From the work in the field with Potter’s Field Kids to the dynamic presentation of the Touring Ministry to the training and equipping of the next generation in our IGNITE Mission Training School, you are making a difference with your gift.   At this time, 100% of Sponsorship donations go towards the programs and outreach of PFM. As a partner through sponsorship, you will be connected with a prayer child in one of our PFK locations, giving you a tangible connection to one of the lives being transformed through your support.


    Potter's Field Ranch, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 organization. In order to maintain the tax-deductibility of contributions in accordance with IRS regulations, all gifts, whether designated or not, remain under control of Potter's Field Ranch, Inc. 

    If you are an online shopper or surf the net, you can now make your shopping and surfing reap eternal rewards.  We are members of the following ministries and receive donations from all purchases made and searches done online through their sites.  To help us further the cause of Potter's Field Ministries when you shop or surf the net, just click on the icon below to register.  The rest will be automatic and then everytime you shop or surf for temporal needs, you'll be helping us to make a difference eternally in transforming lives forever.

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