IGNITE is a training ground for young men and women who are seriously seeking God’s heart on what it means to live a life of mission. Potter’s Field Ministries partners with local churches in the calling, training, and sending of disciples to the field.  Through an interview process, a limited number of interns are selected for the program. 

    When they arrive at the Potter’s Field headquarters in Central America, located in the ancient city of Antigua, Guatemala, they discover an environment created for real life encounters with Jesus. The program is designed to offer the same invitation that Jesus extended to twelve men 2000 years ago when He said, “Follow Me.”  He was not asking them to join a church.  He was inviting them to come and walk with Him so that they would know Him in a way that would ignite a transformation so deep it would ultimately change their lives (and the world) forever from the inside out.  The curriculum is strategically selected to challenge the heart, mind, and spirit and to equip the interns to see the world and themselves as Christ does and then to leave a legacy of impact on the world for the glory of God. IGNITE runs for twelve months, in four phases:

    Phase 1 - Three months of equipping at Potter’s Field Central America headquarters in Guatemala. Using the book of Acts as a foundation, along with discipleship and teachings on missions, basic doctrine, and apologetics from staff and guest pastors from all around the nation, the students will be ready to live out a life of mission on the field.

    Phase 2 - They will then be launched as teams to serve for six months within the various works of Potter’s Field Ministries in Africa, Southeast Asia, or Central America, under the safe supervision of the local pastors who oversee the work in those areas.

    Phase 3 - Upon completion of their field assignment, the teams will come together for their one month of re-entry and debrief in Northwest Montana at Potter's Field Ministries' USA headquarters.

    Phase 4 - The final phase of their mission has the potential to be the most challenging, as each student returns home to serve for the remaining two months in their local churches in an internship-type environment, re-assimilating into their home and church body with a transformed heart, life, and mindset.

    Check out Bill Ritchie's, pastor at Crossroads Community Church, letter of recommendation for this program:

    Pastor Bill Ritchie
    Crossroads Community Church
    website:  crossroadschurch.net
    To view letter, click here

    Jesus is still looking for those young men and women courageous enough to travel the uncharted, radical path that leads to discovering who He really is. We invite you to prayerfully consider this decision because once you unplug from the artificial stimuli of the world around you, you will be intentionally challenged to interface with the ultimate wireless connection ever and experience the transformation that comes from meeting Jesus heart to heart.  You will be ignited to burn in a way that sets others on fire.

    "Didn't we feel on fire as he conversed with us on the road, as he opened up the Scriptures for us?"
    (Luke 24:32)

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