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    What People Are Saying About Michael and Pam Rozell

    “Pam and Michael Rozell are like a breath of fresh air! Their love for the Lord is contagious and exciting, and their love for each other is delightful to be around. I was deeply touched by Pam’s music and encouraged by the spiritual message of Michael’s pottery demonstration. The Rozell’s unique blend of gifts and their on-fire commitment to Jesus Christ creates an unforgettable time of worship and ministry.”

    Claire Cloninger
    Word Entertainment, Inc.

    “God has blessed Michael and Pam with a tremendous amount of talent. But that is not really what impressed me most about their ministry. It’s very easy for people, especially youth, to see folks with great gifts such as Michael and Pam have, and think they are somehow different than us. People begin to think musicians are blessed with perfect lives, perfect righteousness, perfect Christianity. But the only perfection Michael and Pam claim is their Savior. Their music, testimonies and pottery create a unique honesty about being a Christian in the world in which we live. Thanks to Michael and Pam, our youth caught a glimpse of an awesome Savior.”

    Pastor Don Smith
    Youth Minister
    First Christian Church of Boca Raton, FL

    “Pam and Michael Rozell will warm the heart and bless the spirit.”  Pam and Michael deliver God’s truth in specific and intimate terms. The Rozells are powerful spirit-led artists. They bring joy, laughter, praise, worship, and a deep experience into the presence of God. The Rozells mission is to present Jesus to their audience, and their audience to Jesus.

    Thanks, Pam and Michael, for the sacrifices to continue serving in Potter’s Field Ministries.

    Jay Edgerton
    Producer of Ministry Programming
    The 700 Club, CBN

    They have been with us several times at the church, and it is undoubtedly one of the most unique ministries I have seen. Michael's ability to captivate the congregation with his wit and humor in giving his testimony gives him a full platform to deliver a hard-hitting salvation message. That message being given through his God-given talent as a potter brings a real, tangible message of God's love for us.
    I highly recommend them for services in your church. They are a delightful couple who have experienced the ups and downs of life yet remained faithful and steadfast in our Lord.

    Reverend Bill Brewer
    Senior Pastor
    Imperial Valley’s Faith Assembly
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