Tuesday Chapel at Potter's Field Ranch - Entries tagged "Miscellaneous Teachings"

    TueTuesdaySepSeptember20th2011 Spiritual Warfare Pastor Richard Cimino of 

    Metro Calvary

    , shares a special message on spiritual warfare preparing our recently commissioned students to go out to the mission field. 
    Audio 092011 Richard Cimino.mp3
    TueTuesdaySepSeptember6th2011 Nehemiah 2 In this teaching, Pastor Don McClure shares in a verse by verse study through chapter two in the book of Nehemiah. The focus here is to embrace a burden, consider the cost of taking on a burden and to not be dismayed by opposition.  Audio 090611 Nehemiah 2 DM.mp3
    TueTuesdayAugAugust30th2011 Keys to Effective Ministry In this teaching Pastor Craig Linquist of Calvary Chapel Entebbe, Uganda shares a message about being effective in ministry. Going through several books of the bible he reveals how we can be most effective in ministry.

    Audio 083011 Craig Linquist.mp3
    TueTuesdayAugAugust16th2011 The Witness Pastor Marty Hogen of Cross Purpose Productions takes on the role of John the beloved disciple and shares his stories of his walk with Jesus. Cross Purpose Productions uses drama to communicate The Good News and believe that it is one of the most important and effective ways to accomplish this. Audio 081611 Pastor Marty Hogan.mp3
    TueTuesdayAugAugust9th2011 Bondservants Pastor Don McClure shares his insight in the book of Philippians. Starting from the first chapter and the first verse, he begins by explaining in depth the significance of the term 'bondservant' and what it means to us as Christians and how we can apply this teaching to our lives. Audio 080911 Phi 1 DM.mp3
    SunSundayAugAugust7th2011 Philippians 2:5-8 Pastor Chaz Yandall of Horizon Christian Fellowship shares a message from the book of Philippians in the second chapter, verses five-through-eight. He gives his insight in this teaching on how we as Christians should have a mind like Jesus by emptying ourselves, choosing the life of a bondservant walking in humility. He closes his message with one of his life key verses in Revelation chapter twelve, verse eleven, explaining that we should go out in, "a blaze of glory". Audio 080711 Phi 2_5-8 CY-Chaz Yandall.mp3
    SunSundayJulJuly31st2011 Expect Mistakes - Expect Miracles
    bySteve Grace Tagged Miscellaneous Teachings 0 comments Add comment
    In this teaching, guest speaker and music evangelist, Steve Grace shares with the church a message about our expectations on mistakes and miracles. Opening up in the book of Acts, chapter sixteen, verse sixteen, he relates this idea of expectations, with Paul and Silas as they're in prison. Audio 073111 Steve Grace - Expect.mp3
    TueTuesdayJulJuly26th2011 On Mission Pastor Dave Hoffman of Foothills Christian Church, shares a message on the subject of mission. Audio 072611 Dave Hoffman On Mission.mp3
    TueTuesdayJulJuly19th2011 Stay the Course
    byDon McClure Tagged Miscellaneous Teachings 0 comments Add comment
    Pastor Don McClure shares a message from his life verse, Acts chapter twenty verse twenty-four, focusing on staying the course. Audio 071911 Acts 20_24 Stay the Course DM.mp3
    SunSundayJulJuly10th2011 Finish the Race Pastor Greg Howard opens up with Ephesians chapter five and shares with the church on finishing the race. To stay strong and not give up. Audio 071011 Finish the Race GH.mp3
    TueTuesdayJulJuly5th2011 Don't Look Back Pastor Eric Cartier from Rocky Mountain Calvary, shares a message from Paul's epistle to the Philippians, teaching from chapter three, verses twelve through fourteen. Audio 070511 Phil 3_12-14 EC.mp3
    TueTuesdayJunJune7th2011 Psalm 40 Pastor Michael McClure shares his insight on Psalm 40 in a verse-by-verse study. Audio 060711 Psalm 40 MM.mp3
    TueTuesdayMayMay24th2011 Matthew 5:1-19
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    Pastor Don McClure shares a message from the Sermon on the Mount focusing on Jesus being the fulfillment of all the law and prophets and that only in us living in Him and Him living through us, not through our own efforts, can we live a life that glorifies God.
    Audio 052411 Matt 5_1-19 DM.mp3
    TueTuesdayMayMay3rd2011 The Will of God Pastor Michael shares a challenging message on the Will of God, teaching on the three distinct areas of His will that we see in the Scripture - His providential will, His moral will, and His personal will.
    Audio 050311 The Will of God PM.mp3
    TueTuesdayFebFebruary1st2011 Hebrews 12:1-2 Pastor Michael Rozell teaches and exhorts us as believers to be ready and fit for service unto the Lord, sharing a challenging message from Hebrews 12:1-2.
    Audio 020111 Heb 12_1-2 PM.mp3
    TueTuesdayJanJanuary11th2011 1 Samuel 20:1-23 Pastor Don McClure shares a message on the life of David, teaching from the Book of 1Samuel 20:1-23.
    Audio 011111 1Sam 20_1-23 David DM.mp3
    TueTuesdayDecDecember14th2010 Luke 2:1-7: A Christmas Call Pastor Don McClure shares a timely Christmas message from Luke 2:1-7, challenging us on what the call of God on that first Christmas meant to Joseph and Mary.
    Audio 121410 Luke 2_1-7 Christmas DM.mp3
    TueTuesdaySepSeptember21st2010 1 Timothy 4:12 Pastor Gennarino DeStefano teaches from 1 Timothy 4:12 on being an example of Christ in our life, love, faith, speech, and purity.
    Audio 092110 1Tim 4 vs12 GD.mp3
    TueTuesdaySepSeptember7th2010 Ephesians 6:10-17 Pastor John Piedemonte shares an encouraging and challenging message from Ephesians 6:10-17 entitled, "The Whole Armor of God".
    Audio 090710 Eph 6-10_17 PJP.mp3
    TueTuesdayAugAugust24th2010 Casting A Vision Pastor Michael Rozell shares on the vision of Potter's Field Ministries, as well as teaching how vision comes about and what we are to do with it.
    Audio 082410 - Casting A Vision - Pastor Michael.mp3
    TueTuesdayAugAugust17th2010 Proverbs 24:30-33 Pastor Bob Guaglione shares a message on some keys to answering the question, "What will you do with your one and only life?" from the Book of Proverbs 24:30-33.
    Audio 081710 Prov 24_30-33 Bob Guaglione.mp3
    TueTuesdayAugAugust10th2010 Matthew 9-10 Pastor Rick Brown, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Idaho Falls, shares a message on missions from the Book of Matthew , Chapters 9-10.
    Audio 081010 Matt 9-10 Rick Brown.mp3
    TueTuesdayJulJuly20th2010 1 Chronicles 20:1-27
    byMark Balmer Tagged Miscellaneous Teachings 0 comments Add comment
    Pastor Mark Balmer, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Melbourne, shares a message from 1 Chronicles 20:1-27 entitled "Our God Owns A Bakery."
    Audio 072010 1Chron 20_1-27 - Our God Owns A Bakery Mark Balmer.mp3
    TueTuesdayJunJune15th2010 Hebrews 1:1-3
    byDon McClure Tagged Miscellaneous Teachings 0 comments Add comment
    Pastor Don McClure shares a message from Hebrews 11, verses 1 through 3.
    Audio 061510 Heb 1_1-3 DMc.mp3
    TueTuesdayJunJune8th2010 Ruth 4 Pastor John Piedemonte completes a series in the Book of Ruth, teaching Chapter 4.
    Audio 060810 Ruth 4 PJP.mp3
    TueTuesdayMayMay18th2010 Ruth 3 Pastor John Piedemonte continues in a series from the Book of Ruth, picking up the study in chapter 3.
    Audio 051710 Ruth 3.mp3
    TueTuesdayMayMay11th2010 Luke 10:38-42
    byDavid Mercer Tagged Miscellaneous Teachings 0 comments Add comment
    Pastor David Mercer, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Flathead Valley, shares a message from Luke 10:38-42.
    Audio 051110 Luke 10_38_43.mp3
    TueTuesdayMayMay4th2010 Romans 5:1-5
    byDon McClure Tagged Miscellaneous Teachings 0 comments Add comment
    Pastor Don McClure shares with us a message from Romans 5:1-5 on our position in Christ and the sanctifying work He is performing in our lives.
    Audio 050410 Romans 5_1_5.mp3
    TueTuesdayAprApril20th2010 John 6 Pastor Jim Randall from Calvary Chapel Brandon shares a message from John 6.
    Audio 042010 John 6.mp3
    TueTuesdayAprApril13th2010 Casting The Vision Pastor Michael Rozell shares the vision for the ministry of Potter's Field Ministries and challenges us to be a part of God's global evangelism plan!
    Audio 041310 Casting The Vision.mp3
    TueTuesdayMarMarch30th2010 1 Samuel 17 Pastor Don McClure shares the story of David versus Goliath, a story of conflict, courage, and conquest!
    Audio 033010 1 Samuel 17.mp3
    TueTuesdayMarMarch23rd2010 James 5:7-20 Pastor Steve Venable teaches the final study in a series from the Book of James. Audio 032310 James 5_7-20.mp3
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