Tuesday Chapel at Potter's Field Ranch - Entries written by Michael Rozell

    TueTuesdayMayMay3rd2011 The Will of God Pastor Michael shares a challenging message on the Will of God, teaching on the three distinct areas of His will that we see in the Scripture - His providential will, His moral will, and His personal will.
    Audio 050311 The Will of God PM.mp3
    TueTuesdayFebFebruary1st2011 Hebrews 12:1-2 Pastor Michael Rozell teaches and exhorts us as believers to be ready and fit for service unto the Lord, sharing a challenging message from Hebrews 12:1-2.
    Audio 020111 Heb 12_1-2 PM.mp3
    TueTuesdayAugAugust24th2010 Casting A Vision Pastor Michael Rozell shares on the vision of Potter's Field Ministries, as well as teaching how vision comes about and what we are to do with it.
    Audio 082410 - Casting A Vision - Pastor Michael.mp3
    TueTuesdayAprApril13th2010 Casting The Vision Pastor Michael Rozell shares the vision for the ministry of Potter's Field Ministries and challenges us to be a part of God's global evangelism plan!
    Audio 041310 Casting The Vision.mp3
    Tuesday Chapel at Potter's Field RanchTuesday Chapel at Potter's Field Ranchby This is a collection of teachings from the Tuesday Evening Chapel service held weekly at Potter's Field Ranch, featuring teaching from various staff and visiting pastors. You can also subscribe to receive a podcast of the Chapel service through iTunes.
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